The Early Years Curriculum is a holistic, child-centred and exploratory curriculum that focuses on developing children’s communication and language skills, physical skills, personal and social development.

Early Years Curriculum comprises of four key components that integrate across the key domains of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. This is developed through:

preschool programmes

Circle Time

Through speaking and listening skills, the child’s social interactions, emotional understanding and personal identity is developed. This is also where the child’s language skills are developed.

preschool programmes

Junior Explorer

This is a fun element where the child’s exploratory and sensorial experience is awakened. It develops a child’s motor skills, finger muscles, dexterity, control and eye-hand coordination.

preschool programmes

Body Works

Builds on junior explorer element, where the child is encouraged to be energetic and mobile, with plenty of movement exercises using the body.

Music Works

Promoting music awareness and appreciation, this part of the curriculum explores various musical instruments, rhythm, songs and creative movement.

At this stage, the curriculum is about developing lifeskills, self-directed learning, academic competencies.

The Preschool curriculum adopts a cognitive and constructivist approach to learning. In the preschool years, expectations for holistic goals, development of life skills, learning dispositions and attitudes, as well as academic competencies are promoted through an integrated curriculum, complemented by an interactive skills curriculum; all of which are designed to cater for process-oriented learning and the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills.

Among the elements learnt include:

  • Themed Learning
  • Reading Skills
  • Numeracy
  • Chinese Immersion
  • Music & Rhythm
  • Body Movement