Who We Are

Small Wonder by Busy Bees is supported by a network of established early childhood education experts with experience across the globe. These education specialists bring a solid early childhood education framework, an understanding of the evolving needs of young children and the international demands of an increasingly globalised world.

Busy Bees is a global early education organisation that has its presence in more than 500 education locations worldwide – from Asia to the Americas. In the UK alone, Busy Bees is the largest childcare provider and has been established for well over 35 years.

In 2014, this highly regarded education specialist expanded to Asia, covering various curriculums from Montessori to the Reggio Emilia method. Small Wonder, well-known in Singapore is a major part of the early education offerings of Busy Bees Asia. Busy Bees is a multi-award winning early childhood education provider, testament to its quality of education and high-regard for the overall development of the child.

Established in Singapore 30 years ago, the Small Wonder preschools have impacted the lives of many young children across the Lion City, preparing them for the changing landscapes and expectations of the 21st century.

Due to the popularity of the curriculum and the approach of child nurturing, the brand has 6 branches in Singapore and has recently opened a beautiful new centre in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Small Wonder has now arrived in Kuala Lumpur to bring quality and affordable education to the nation’s youngest and brightest.

Peter & Jane, a well-known kindergarten brand in Malaysia that emphasises moulding children academically for primary school, is a major offering under Busy Bees Asia. The brand has many centres in Kuala Lumpur and has for the first time, lent its support, proficiency and education merit to the Small Wonder curriculum, to give children in Malaysia a cohesive and rigorous early learning experience.

With Peter & Jane enhancing the curriculum with local expertise, the kindergarten experience would truly be an international offering with strong Asian fundamentals.